5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A New Front Door

May 16, 2016

Spring and summer herald home improvements for many UK households and there is an abundance of choice as to what you do.

A good starting point may be to concentrate on the front entrance of your home as that’s something everyone sees. This could encompass tidying up the garden, cleaning your windows and perhaps, installing a brand new residential front door.

The integration of a new front door offers several benefits, 5 of which are listed below:

1. Keep the weather out

We know how quickly the weather can turn in this country. When the rain lashes down and batters your front door you need it to provide protection from the elements, which it will do. The inside of your home will remain dry and energy efficient no matter how bad the weather becomes.

2. Brighten your home

A pristine front door with a sensational finish will do wonders for your home and really bring it to the fore, particularly the brickwork that surrounds it. Each of colours are designed to endure, so they’ll therefore never need repainting or maintaining, looking as striking as ever throughout their entire lifespan.

3. Increases security

It’s easy to forget the main purpose of a front door which is to protect the home at which it is installed. Looks aren’t everything! All of our door frames are incredibly strong and we complement them with a multi-point locking mechanism that keeps the door in the locked position even when under force.

4. Creates a good impression

When visiting someone’s property for the first time you’re always intrigued as to what it will look like. The appearance of the front door will strongly influence a person’s opinion, so it is vitally important that it has an immaculate façade.

5. Pays you back

The exceptional energy efficiency provided by a new front door means that the money you spend on it can be recouped through the energy savings made. It may take a few years to fully recapture your investment but it will be worth it.

We have an extensive door display at each of our County showrooms, so they’re well worth the visit.