A composite door or PVC door – which best suits you?

Nov 18, 2019

The installation of a new front door can completely transform the exterior of your property, so you need a suitable door style and colour to ensure any replacement entrance door you buy proves a worthy addition to the house.

Remember, your entrance is the section of the house that will often determine people’s opinions of the place, so it needs to be attractive on the eyes, and it should also help keep the building both secure and nice and warm.

Composite doors and UPVC doors are the most popular forms of replacement door that door buyers turn to, though there is also a large following for timber doors (which we can also supply and install).

But, for now, we are going to give you some background on composite doors and UPVC doors to help you choose between the two door solutions as your next entrance door.

Composite Doors

There’s a reason why a composite door is so-called and it’s because a number of different materials are meshed together to create the door frame, including PVC, wood, insulating foam and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic).

This amalgamation of materials also explains why a composite door is much thicker than your ordinary door frame and heavier too. The combined thermal insulating qualities of the materials also make composite doors great for keeping homes and hallways warm.

Certain composite woodgrains could easily make you confuse a composite door for a timber door if you’re a fan of wood. They carry a higher price tag than UPVC doors, but composite doors easily justify the extra cost.

UPVC Doors

It’s no surprise that a UPVC door is so tough, despite its slimmer profile – the door unit is produced by encasing an insulated steel frame in unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC). It is unplasticized so that the plastic isn’t softened and retains its strength.

With a very notable sheen to it, it costs less to buy a UPVC door, but with no slight on quality. It offers incredible strength and will provide an outstanding standard of thermal efficiency, keeping your heating costs low.

You hardly need to lift a finger to clean the door either. Just wipe the frame down with a wet cloth to remove any dirt masking the coloured finish.


In conclusion, composite doors and UPVC doors are both worth the investment and either choice will do your home a massive favour. Come to your local County showroom to see them stylishly showcased.