Back to school blues?

Sep 2, 2019

Peace descends upon your home once more as the children are despatched to school for the start of the new term. The tears of joy as friends are reacquainted at the school gate; the tears of dread as newbies are persuaded that they will survive the days ahead… and that’s just the parents. There’s no denying that the return to school can be traumatic for all involved, so imagine the many ways a new conservatory or orangery can help at home.

For mum (and dad) they can be a space of tranquillity where a well-earned beverage can be enjoyed as the children are banished to their bedrooms to endure trial-by-homework. Or conversely your new conservatory or orangery could become a multi-purpose study-cum family-room where you can keep a martinet’s eye on homework, ensuring any distractions are eliminated in your attempts to achieve educational perfection for your offspring.

But at least by the weekend you can once again divert from schools determining timetable and you and your spouse can have some quality time together. You might even want to include the children.