Can energy efficient windows have much of an impact on my home?

Oct 7, 2019

We get asked this question a lot by customers at this time of year as they look to get their homes prepared for the winter months, and it couldn’t be a more straightforward answer we give them – YES!

The fact that we only supply energy efficient replacement windows with very impressive energy ratings tells you that we believe every penny you spend on them will be worth it.

We wouldn’t recommend that you buy any other sort of replacement window for the various reasons outlined below…

Energy savings

The installation of energy efficient windows will put an end to any draughtiness indoors as they will keep the cold out and you will consequently waste far less energy heating your living space.

A greater standard of home insulation will be reflected in your future energy bills as they will be far cheaper than prior to the windows being fitted and the money savings you make over the lifespan of the windows will help pay for them.

Internal warmth

You won’t believe how much cosier the inside of your house feels after energy efficient windows have been integrated by our installers.

The intelligent glazing inserted into the UPVC and aluminium window frames will also utilise any warmth from the sun and transfer some of it into your living space.

If your current finances prevent you from fitting energy efficient windows throughout the whole house, you could always just have them put in the rooms you use most for now e.g. living room, bedroom, bathroom.

Simple cleaning

We craft our entire range of energy efficient windows using UPVC and aluminium profiles for many reasons, and one of them is because they’re very simple to clean and maintain.

Unlike timber window frames, which are susceptible to rotting once they absorb rainwater, they don’t need any form of repair, restoration or repainting as they are completely weather-resistant.

Only a wet cloth is needed to bring the shine back to a UPVC or aluminium window frame, rather than a paintbrush.


Energy efficient windows won’t just have a short-term impact on your home; the benefits of fitting them will be felt for years to come and our 20 year guarantee backs that claim up. If you’re quick, you can get a very Special Offer on our windows.