Condensation – do we have to just accept it?

Nov 13, 2018

With autumn here and winter fast approaching, most of us will find ourselves turning up the heating here in Kent and Sussex. However, as the temperature drops outdoors, we often find ourselves facing a familiar problem indoors – condensation. Condensation is formed when an excess of water vapour is formed. If this water vapour cannot escape, then it will collect as condensation on surfaces in your home, such as your windows.

The colder weather also causes changes in our behavior – such as drying clothes indoors, which in turn also contribute to condensation. Whilst this is understandable and often unavoidable because of our ever-changing weather, hanging clothes indoors, especially on radiators, can lead to the formation of condensation in your home. Therefore, whenever possible, no matter how short a time, you are always advised to try and hang your clothing outdoors whenever possible.

Other activities, such as running baths and cooking can also contribute to condensation forming in your home. However, simple habits, such as using extractor fans and slightly opening nearby windows are often enough to combat such condensation.

If, after doing such things, condensation continues to appear, then you may need to look at improving insulation in the areas it is occurring most. Such improvements may include the installation of energy-efficient, double and triple-glazing.

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