Enjoy the rugby in your new orangery or conservatory

Oct 14, 2019

As the wet and windy weather continues to pummel us, many of us are finding solace in watching some gripping games in the Rugby World Cup. Whilst acknowledging that rugby might not be everyone’s cup of tea (you could always watch the gymnastics?), you’ve got to agree that some of the performances and results have been breath-taking.


Now imagine if you’d been watching them in the warmth and comfort of a new orangery or conservatory. While the rain lashed down in your garden you could be enjoying a sporting spectacle on your big screen in your orangery or conservatory. The rest of the family can clear off to the living room; or even enjoy it together especially if you opt to have an open plan kitchen attached. As Farrell belts another between the posts, lean over and take another sip from your beer – life doesn’t get much better…


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