Fit bi-folding doors to bring the outdoors indoors this summer

Jul 15, 2019

We’ve already been blessed with some marvellous weather this year, and long may that continue. Wouldn’t it be nice if it lasted throughout the whole summer?!

Should our wishes come true, we doubt that you’ll want to spend much time indoors, preferring to spend the majority of it outdoors. With bi-folding doors you can have the best of both worlds. Fitted as an integral part of your home they enable you to seamlessly transition from indoors to outdoors… and vice versa. They can be fitted into the rear of the original building, or designed into most form of home extensions including conservatories and orangeries.

You could, of course, do something similar with a set of patio doors or French doors, but they won’t give you a full unrestricted opening like you get with a bi-folding door, where the individual leaves can be completely folded out of the way at one end.

There are examples of some very large traditional patio door installations, but these can be matched by a bi-fold in terms of width as we offer seven-pane-wide bi-folding doors that stretch a serious distance. However, if wall space limited, we can supply a two-pane design. In both scenarios, the opening created by a bi-folding door will bring together home and garden in a fashion you could only previously dream of.

After the installation of bi-folding doors, you will very quickly become addicted to using them. Any warm weather will give you all the excuse you need to take the handle and slide the doors along the tracking system. It’s unbelievable how lightweight they are when you consider that they contain such enormous pieces of glass and aluminium framework. The gentlest of pushes is all it takes to get them moving.

It might be naïve of us to expect the weather to hold up throughout the entire summer, but, when the rain comes, you can still enjoy admiring the view outside – the framework is inconspicuous allowing the glass itself to do its’ job of letting the light – and view – in. This glass will also retain warmth in the interior, so you can expect supreme comfort while waiting for conditions outside to improve.

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