How a new back door can transform the rear of your house

Jun 24, 2019

We’re forever being reminded of the importance of having an attractive front entrance if we want our homes to make a good first impression – it adds to “kerb appeal”. People undoubtedly form an opinion of a house solely from how it looks on the outside, something we’re all guilty.

So possibly the rear of your house might get a little less attention? But it’s probably the rear of your house where you can make the biggest transformation – in terms of your lifestyle. By adding a patio door, French door or bi-fold doors a world of new opportunities opens up to you (pun intended).

When they’re open, you will be able to exchange indoor living for outdoor living more readily, and vice-versa, plus, it will completely open out your home’s interior. During the summer months, you will spend most of your time outside as you won’t be able to resist heading for the garden so that you can relax out in the sun with a cold drink in your hands. The added light that comes through your chosen door when it’s both open and closed will also make your conventional living space feel more spacious.

In terms of how they operate, a patio door slides from side to side, a French door offers a generous double opening, and a bi-folding door folds as it glides open. Try them all out in one of our showrooms to find out which you prefer. You will get a real thrill from feeling them work.

It doesn’t matter which of these door solutions you choose: the chances are they’ll also make the back of the house far more visually appealing. You can rely on these amazingly smart doors to retain their condition and keep your home’s rear looking magnificent. They don’t need cleaning as they can resist the weather and will give you many years of low-maintenance pleasure.

Get the back of your house looking better than it ever has. Arrange for County– The Home Improvers to send you a FREE quote for new patio doors, French doors or bi-folding doors.