Interior design ideas for your conservatory this spring

May 13, 2019

It’s spring, so the inside of your home should be looking absolutely spotless! And so should your conservatory. After you put away the marigolds and returned the vacuum to the cupboard, why not put your feet up and begin to imagine how you can enhance your home’s interior with some minor tweaks.

And were not just talking about your traditional living area, but also your conservatory space. You’re likely to spend much of your time in there at this time of the year, so you want to feel excited about using it.

For an exhilarating conservatory interior, put your focus on these four main areas…


We rely on our conservatories for relaxation. They’re fantastic places to unwind and switch off from life. To do it comfortably, you need furniture (armchair, sofa etc.) that both feels good and looks good. Avoid leather furniture at all costs as exposure to UV rays can cause the leather to fade. Stick with upholstered, wooden or rattan furniture as it can cope with contact from the sun and fluctuations in humidity.


It has become fashionable to integrate patio, French or bi-folding doors into conservatory designs to establish a connection between extension and garden. When this is the case, you definitely wouldn’t want a carpeted floor for fear of it getting muddy as people traipse back into the conservatory after walking on a wet lawn. Engineered wood flooring, laminate or vinyl flooring is more sensible as it can be mopped clean in just a few minutes and doesn’t need shampooing.


Changing your current colour scheme can really transform the space and make it look completely different. We suggest that you pick a light colour as keeping things light will retain the airy feel that’s synonymous with this type of extension. Perhaps add a feature wall with ‘Spiced Honey’, Dulux Colour of the Year for 2019; it’s a relatively light shade if you want an attractive colour that’s right on trend. You don’t have to incorporate Spiced Honey using a paintbrush – look out for soft furnishings boasting the “warm amber tone”.

“Spiced Honey”. Picture courtesy of Dulux.


We can look forward to longer days over the coming months, but who’s to say you won’t want to use your conservatory long into the night. You need to get your lighting right to be able to do that. If there is an internal pelmet around the perimeter ceiling, you could always have unobtrusive spotlights fitted into it. Alternatively, wall-mounted lights can always be affixed to an available solid wall, or for a talking point, how about hanging a chandelier from the ceiling? Let your imagination run riot!

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