Modern extensions that put you in the driving seat!

Aug 10, 2018

The introduction of new materials, construction methods and designs, means that homeowners in Kent and Sussex now have more freedom than ever before when choosing the best extension for their homes

Whereas in the past, a home extension often meant lots of compromise on your behalf regarding its look and feel, breakthroughs in technology now mean that you get to choose exactly what you want; from the design, materials and colour, to interior styling and even what payment method you prefer to use to pay for the work.

All of this means that homeowners in Kent and Sussex can now get the home extension of their dreams – and with the minimum of fuss! This is because you can now view your home extension before its even built! Using Virtual Reality software and 3D imagery, we can now show you what your extension will look like before work even begins. This means you can make as many decisions about size, styling and colour as you want! Furthermore, by doing this, you help eliminate any problems once construction begins.

Such choice and control, as well as improvements in construction methods, means getting your new extension is no longer a messy, long-winded affair. With construction times now much shorter and less intrusive, you can be sitting in your new extension in next to no time.

With pricing strategies modernised, including pre-arranged costs and a large range of flexible payment methods, there has perhaps never been a better time for homeowners in and around Kent and Sussex to create their dream home.

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