Need some home improvement inspiration?

Jul 1, 2019

There’s no hiding your home in the summer. All that lovely sunshine fully exposes it to the outside world and it can sometimes highlight areas suitable for improvement.

If you take pride in your home’s appearance, why not explore ways of enhancing the it? Summer is the best possible time to put any ideas you have into practice. If you’re not sure what to do or where to start, don’t worry – County can provide you with some inspiration…

Bi-Folding doors

Are you the type of family that loves to head for your back garden at every opportunity you get in summer?  You can do it in style by making your way outside via a set of bi-folding doors.

These incredibly elegant aluminium doors fold like a concertina as you push them open, and once they’ve glided the full length of the track, will leave you with the biggest opening you could imagine.

Indoors or outdoors – the two will merge into one when a bi-folding door breaks the barrier between them.

Solid roof

Do you own a conservatory, but rarely get to use it in summer due to it feeling far too hot inside? You’re certainly not alone.

What you need is a solid roof to replace your current glass or polycarbonate roof. Integrating a solid roof will put an end to the problem and leave you with a conservatory interior that’s the perfect temperature in all conditions.

We have several solid roof solutions, including light-weight tiled roofing system featuring large full-length rectangular glazed roof panels so that you don’t lose any light after exchanging coverings.

Energy efficient windows and doors

Your energy costs should be pretty low at the moment, but they’ll quickly increase once the weather starts to get colder again if your existing windows and doors provide poor insulation.

Fitting double or triple glazed windows and doors now will winter-proof your home, helping to keep it warm without it costing you a fortune on fuel bills.

Take note of the energy rating of any new windows and doors you buy as they symbolise the thermal efficient qualities of the design. An ‘A+’ rating is about as good as you can get.

Several of the products mentioned are included in our current Summer Sale, but time is running out to save money off them. Visit our Special Offers page and request a priority quote now.