Why A Porch Is Forever Useful

Jul 18, 2016

Until you have a porch fitted at your home it is difficult to fully appreciate just how useful an addition they can be.

Porches come in all different guises at County as we have exceptional craftsmanship skills, so you’re guaranteed to get a design that blends in beautifully with your home and satisfies your taste. But why should you own one?

We could give you endless reasons, but here’s a select few:

  1. Stores those deliveries

You can’t have someone in the house all the time which can be an inconvenience if you’re awaiting some kind of delivery and have to go to work. So that those important deliveries don’t get sent back to the sorting office and delay you taking receipt of them, stipulate that any deliveries are left in the porch.

  1. Improved security

Any responsible homeowner will rate security as a key concern. Having a secure door is very sensible, but accompanying it with a secure porch will make your home even better protected. This will make you less fearful when you have to leave the house empty or are locking up at night before bedtime.

  1. Enhances your entrance

As much as some homeowners try to deny it, it is human instinct to want your home to impress visitors whether it’s one of your closest friends or the postman. The appearance of your entranceway will influence people’s opinions so why not commission the installation of a stylish porch to pretty up your frontage. Put a few potted plants inside it too for added attractiveness.

  1. Handy for storage

If you’re short of space indoors you can ill afford to have all those discarded shoes and trainers strewn all over the house. Remove and place them in the porch whenever you get in, along with accessories such as coats & jackets, scarves, hats, gloves etc. They’ll then be handily placed for whenever you need them upon exiting your home.

Our designers are waiting to fashion a tailor-made porch for your residence. Contact us and we’ll get cracking.