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Quality Bi-Folding Doors

Quality yet affordable bifold doors with a service we can guarantee will be of the highest quality in all of Kent & Sussex.

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Bi-Folding Doors Offer Incredible Functionality

Created to maximise viewing and effortlessly make the transition from inside your home to outside, bi-fold doors are a fantastic addition to any home. Bi-folding doors are incredibly versatile and functional; enabling you to change how you use them again and again. Providing market- leading energy-efficiency, increased sunlight and incredible security, bi-folding doors are perhaps unrivalled in terms of the amount of benefits they provide. Designed to fit any sized space, with designs from two-door leaf upwards, bi-folding doors allow you to instantly change the entire dynamics of your home with nothing more than a gentle push. From bringing the outside into your home to creating useful new living spaces by separating existing rooms, bi-folding doors  can be installed anywhere in your home


Incredible Doors for any Home Style

As with all of our doors, you have a variety of options when it comes to colour. From Classic White and Black, to incredibly realistic woodgrain finishes in Oak, Rosewood and Walnut, you have the freedom of choice to ensure you get the exact colour you want. For an even more personalised, stylish touch, you can also opt for different colours on the inside and outside of the frame; thereby allowing you to match both the interior and exterior of your home at the same time. Such functionality and the ease at which our experienced fitters can install bi-folding doors into any existing structure have also made them a fantastic addition to conservatories and orangeries.

Bi-Folding are the modern day feature for your home…..

Why not go for the truly spectacular and leave your neighbours green with envy by installing a set of Bi-Folding doors; one of the newest door innovations. Whether closed or opened, they will give your property that all-important contemporary feel.

Most doors are restricted in so far as how they can be opened, but there’s no such issue with Bi-Folding doors as they can be folded right back to create a full opening passage.

Bi-Folding doors will bring you so much closer to your garden…

Bi-Folding Doors can be installed in situations that many people feel are not possible. Even if you don’t have a fully available opening, it can be simple enough process for us to create any additional wall space you have to accommodate a beautiful new folding Bi-Fold Door.

Easy Slide

When our Bi-Folding Doors are closed there are no externally accessible parts which can be removed, and screw fixings are concealed. The sliding folding mechanism on the doors incorporates locking screw technology so that the hardware cannot be removed from the track when the Bi-Folding Doors are in the closed position.


Bi-Folding have great versatility? Very often we can appropriately configure the doors, utilising anything from two door leafs to seven, to create a bespoke solution that fits into whatever size opening you have available.

Finishes & Colours

You don’t just have a huge amount of choice as far as configuring Bi-Folding doors is concerned, you also have the luxury of being able to choose from an extensive colour range incorporating wood effect finishes such as Rosewood, Walnut and Oak. A whole world of other possibilities lies open to you if you prefer a powder-coated colour which can also be applied internally and externally for anyone seeking a contrasting dual-colour finish. You really can have every colour under the sun.

Bi-Folding doors offer everything you could possibly want…


Bi-folding doors are ideal for a new conservatory build or even as a replacement for your present conservatory doors. A new way of opening up your conservatory to the garden will be really impactful


The contrast between a predominantly brick-built orangery and a set of Bi-Folding doors is there for all to see but you would be surprised at just how wonderfully they can complement each other. Like with conservatories, bi-folding doors can transform an orangery superbly.


Bi-folding doors aren’t just for building extensions. Every room in the house has its own particular purpose, but sometimes it makes sense to somehow draw together two separate areas for ease of convenience. A set of Bi-Folding doors can create an interconnecting link between e.g. bedrooms and a balcony or patio area, indoor gymnasiums and an outdoor swimming pool.



Bi-Folding doors can be as substantial or understated as you desire. You also have the option of incorporating a ‘passenger door’ into the overall design which works in a similar manner to a standard hinged door in terms of its operation.


Although Bi-Folding doors on the face of it may look heavy and awkward to open and close, nothing could be further from the truth as the gliding rollers enable you to operate them with extreme ease. A matter of seconds is all it takes to shut your home off from the outside world or draw it in.


Bi-Folding doors are a sure-fire method of bringing your home up to date. Whether left partly or fully opened and closed, they just have that all-important ‘X’ factor, of that there is absolutely no question.

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