Classic in design, unique in character

Our Envisage Flush Casement Windows provide the finishing touch for your home. Usually seen in older builds, the flush casement window is defined by its square design and use of flush sashes as openers. This means the windows sit within in the frame and leave a flat surface from the outside, giving a clean, neat aesthetic. Humble yet elegant, this style of window adds a transformative touch to a home without demanding attention.

While they are no longer made within the confines of the carpenter’s workshop, modern homeowners can still enjoy the look and feel of the timber-style frame, with the added benefits of more secure locking, more durable materials and better insulation. Even for a property with the most contemporary architecture, there is a shape and fit of flush casement window to suit you.

If you’re looking for a frame that enhances your room decor and exudes homely charm to those who pass by, let us shed light on why Envisage Flush Casement Windows are the right choice for you.

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Secure and sturdy frames that replicate the performance of high-quality uPVC

A good window frame needs to withstand all seasons. To ensure our flush casement windows are durable enough for the wear and tear of troublesome weather and daily use, we’re committed to using the highest standard of timber-alternative materials for every frame, so that they are the reliable investment that they need to be.

If you’re wondering whether such a vintage style of frame can help you save on your heating bills, we can reassure you that our flush casement windows are designed to insulate just as effectively as traditional uPVC frames. Your home can stay at a comfortable temperature and keep your reliance on your radiators and fireplaces to a minimum.

Ergonomically designed frames with you in mind

Flush casement windows are characterised by simplicity. We honour their origins by crafting windows that are as simple in function as they are in style.

Our windows demonstrate excellence in flush casement design: a fluid opening motion, a secure locking system that you can trust and easy to clean materials that do not lose their vibrancy.

The latest in intelligent security technology within a simple frame

As part of our commitment to exceeding safety standards, our windows utilise our ‘Secure It’ multipoint locking system. Deceptive to the untrained eye, our flush casement windows may seem vulnerable, but hide a complete system that runs through the length of every frame. Tested over 30,000 times before manufacture, our police-approved system ensures your windows can resist any break-in attempt. Going far beyond PAS24 standards for your protection, the ‘Secure It’ system will keep, you, your family and your possessions safe against outside threats.

Finesse without compromise

Flush casement windows are notable for their use of sleek, straight lines and smooth feel. They are adaptable to all manner of builds, from period properties to modern, minimalist architecture. If you need a bespoke flush casement design, we can adapt the proportions and sizes of our frames to be the perfect fit.

We can also make specific additions to your frame to suit your needs, without spoiling the flush casement style. Our windows are available with arched-head inserts, to balance out the squared shape and match up to more antiquated architecture. The frames can also be fitted with more practical amenities, such as trickle vents for naturally ventilated

Customise your frames to suit your personal style

Flush casement windows offer you an unrivalled versatility in aesthetics. They can complement any build, be it regular brick, traditional stone, or even lime wash. Unlike flat, white uPVC frames, they are available in an array of bold colours, textures and finishes, with a variety of decorative details to choose from, so you can unlock the creativity within you.

Our use of timber alternative materials means you can opt for any shade you like, so your home can be uniform in colour scheme. Whether you prefer monochrome decor or your home is an explosion of colour, our flush casement windows can tie any room together.

If you want to stay as authentic as possible, our frames also come in a number of wood finishes, helping bring a touch of the rustic to your home. Using our timber alternatives, you can stay true to the look of original flush casement windows with more durable results.

Beyond the frame, we understand the importance of detail and why it matters that you get a choice on the finer elements of your windows. Smaller decorative details that you can choose from include astragal lines, to mimic elegant panes without the need for complex glazing or painting work. We also offer a selection of hardware options for handles, hinges and stays, all designed to fit in proportion with our frames.

The quality of our glass is crystal clear

Being the crucial element to any window, we are transparent about your glass options. The glazing and thermal properties of our glass can be customised to suit you. We make use of modern glass technology, so we fit windows with U-values as low as 1.2W/m2k.

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Timber Windows Flush Casement

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