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See Kent & Sussex's best range of patio doors with multi point locking system for extra security.

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Patio Doors to Transform Your Home

Patio doors are perhaps one of the most popular types of door available. This popularity is down to the many advantages they can give you and how easily they can be installed into your home. Because a patio door slides back onto itself, they take up little room. This means that they can be installed practically anywhere in your home. Whilst patio doors have traditionally been used as a practical gateway to the outside, thanks to their practicality, an increasing number of people are finding different uses for them. This includes using patio doors to create an interesting doorway between two separate rooms inside your home.


Designed for Your Home & Lifestyle

The simple design of patio doors is what appeals to many homeowners as it allows them to be easily matched with existing décor. However, for people wanting more, there are a variety of options you can have when deciding what you want your patio doors to be like. This includes whether you want 2, 3 or 4 pane glass doors, as well as having side-windows and the inclusion of privacy glazing. Furthermore, thanks to modern engineering, all of our patio doors are incredibly light. This, combined with their easy gliding mechanism, allows these doors to be opened with only the gentlest of pushes.

Space Saving

If your home feels cramped then patio doors fitted will allow you to open up your home to the without cutting into further space. Effortlessly gliding along its runners with just a light push or pull, a patio door offers you multiple different openings dependent upon the weather your own personal preferences. As they slide from side-to-side, it also eliminates the risk of them blowing open and taking up unnecessary space.

External & Internal

Whilst predominantly used between buildings and outside areas, such is their flexibility that you could viably utilise patio doors as a way of connecting two internal areas, seemingly enlarging the space.


Check out and compare the comprehensive list of unrivalled features that put County’s Patio Doors ahead of the competition.

  • Manufactured from a suited profile which is compatible with our windows and doors.
  • Glazing to slider and fixed pane is internally beaded preventing glass removal by intruders.
  • Slider glides on slider rail inside fixed frame, stopping slider being lifted off from outside.
  • Anti-jacking security strip stops the door being lifted off by a crow bar or spade.
  • Anti-jamming protection is provided by a unique full length steel keeper plate.
  • The keep is screwed into a galvanised steel reinforcement.
  • Internal, easy-run slider rail also prevents dirt and grit accumulating in slider mechanism.
  • Slider features four high security hook locks which anchor in stainless steel keeper plate.
  • Key operated barrel lock manufactured to high security, anti-drill standard.

Whatever your taste, there’s a coloured Patio Door for everyone…

County offer a great range of colour options including whitegrain and classic cream, green, through to grey, light oak and black, creating the ultimate style statement for your Patio Doors.

More and more people are choosing the coloured look. While brilliant white has the smooth finish of gloss painted wood, our coloured frames have a natural woodgrain texture that looks and feels like traditional stained timber. In fact, it is only by touch you can tell these are actually high security, virtually maintenance free UPVC.

See some of our patio door projects

Take a look through the projects we’ve completed for some of our happy customers that include Patio doors, or visit our projects page for a broader look of other project types.

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Why Choose Us?

Despite their attractive appearance and practicality, patio doors do not cost as much as other designs. As such, patio doors are an affordable and simple way to transform your home. Proud to serve local homeowners, we offer some of the lowest patio doors prices in Kent and Sussex.

All of our doors are exclusively manufactured by our Conservatory Outlet fabricator based in Yorkshire. Featuring cutting-edge technology and materials, our patio doors are virtually maintenance-free. Patio doors are still a door, and as such we ensure they are as secure as possible. We do this by using only the vest strongest materials, as well as state-of-the-art locking mechanisms and top-quality finishes.