A Living Space Like To Other

Featuring a large, central section that extends into your garden, a t-shaped conservatory effortlessly brings the outside into your home. The unique design of a t-shaped conservatory allows you to create two distinct living spaces; be it a dining room and play area, or an extension to an existing room. Of course, you can all of these as a conservatory gives you the freedom to change how you use it again and again. Offering a huge selection of options; from aluminium and UPVC frames that provide incredible strength and durability, to realistic woodgrain finishes that look like the real thing but require no maintenance, we will provide you with the freedom to choose exactly what you want.

The versatility of t-shaped conservatories means you can choose between Victorian, Gable and Edwardian in terms of style. Furthermore, you can decide how big or small each of the sections are; as well as whether they are straight-sided, three, or even five-faceted. As the leading supplier of t-shaped conservatories in Kent and Sussex, County Home Improvers offers a huge choice and the lowest t-shaped conservatories prices.

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See what our happy customers have had done recently. Take a look at these conservatory projects.

Small Victorian Conservatory

The customer wanted a small addition to their property, so we created a Victorian style conservatory made from UPVC with French doors and a PVC roof....

Summer House Conservatory

A bespoke summer house conservatory featuring low maintenance green UPVC material and french doors that allow natural light to flood into an extended living space that...

Loggia Conservatory

This cream coloured Loggia conservatory provides superb lighting on all angles. It is made of a sturdy upvc material with a cornice lantern roof and tilt...

Edwardian Conservatory

Stunning and spacious Edwardian conservatory featuring french doors made of low maintenance brown UPVC and a dwarf wall that blends into your home, a great way...

Full Height Conservatory

This customer was looking for a full height conservatory showcasing a glass-to-floor design. With french doors and a clean, white UPVC finish, this contemporary design ensures...

The Conservatory Company for the People of Kent & Sussex

When extending your home in Kent or Sussex with a conservatory you need to locate a home improvement company offering plenty of choice so that you get a design that ticks every box. At County, we have conservatories available in a variety of different sizes, shapes and styles; there really is something for everyone. The installation of a conservatory will give your home a whole new lease of life so why bother moving? Just get improving.

From the first point of contact, right up until the fitting of the product, County can guarantee you service of the very highest order.

Energy Efficient Conservatories & Windows - County, Kent & Sussex

Energy Efficiency

Rising energy bills have fast become a key concern for millions of homeowners. The conservatories and windows within them installed at a property have an essential part to play in keeping fuel costs down.  If you install a conservatory that  doesn’t have the energy efficient qualities as one from County, then the living area won’t be as enjoyable throughout the year and your energy bills will be higher.  Any of our designs can be built with energy rated windows  and such is our enthusiasm for giving people exactly what they want. Whether you want a ‘C’ rated version, or the ‘A++’ rated variety, leave it with us.

Secure Conservatories from County Home Improvers, Sussex & Kent Area


At County, we’re all about peace of mind which is why we only work with conservatories, windows and doors that are manufactured using the latest technology and techniques. Our products are beautiful to look at with exceptional performance across the board, excellent reliability and above all first rate security for your personal safety. You can rest at ease that you, your family and possessions are safe.

Noise Reduction

Further to security and energy efficiency, we understand that a major factor when considering a new conservatory, is the ability to reduce unwanted noise form the outside world from entering your home and disturbing your enjoyment. This is particularly prevalent in built up areas or nearer busy roads, but an important consideration for  most new conservatory builds. All our products are designed and built with this in mind and our experts always know to consider this when guiding you about your options for your new conservatory.

From the conservatory to your garden….

The type of door you choose for your conservatory can make a massive difference, which is why it is important to understand all the options available to you. This isn’t just a decision about bifold, patio or french, but also about style, colour and configuration.

Bi-Folding Doors on Garden Conservatory - Full Opening Solution

Bi-folding Doors

Why not go for the truly spectacular and leave your neighbours green with envy by installing a set of Bi-Folding doors; one of the newest door innovations. Whether closed or opened, they will give your property that all-important contemporary feel. Most doors are restricted in so far as how they can be opened, but there’s no such issue with Bi-Folding doors as they can be folded right back to create a full opening passage.

Conservatory With Sliding Patio Doors - Elegant Solution

Patio Doors

You’ll never have used your garden so much after having a set of Patio doors installed. They’re such a luxury to have anytime you need to go and take in the washing or lie on a sunbed whilst catching a few rays as they offer a quick and efficient escape route from the home. Even just being sat next to some Patio doors is an enjoyable experience. All it takes is a simple slide motion to operate them, as they work on a set of stainless steel runners, which you can and will do time and time again.

Modern Conservatory With French Door Opening in Sussex & Kent Area

French Doors

French doors really can give your home that added touch of class. They look amazing on the eye and the way they enhance the link between home and garden gives you an opportunity to experience a continental style of living that very few other door options can match. It’s also worth noting that their installation will help transfer a greater amount of natural light in your home, making it feel far more spacious and inviting than prior to their installation. You could even use them as a way of linking your home to a home extension or a home extension to your garden, they’re that versatile.

Frame options to meet your home’s character…

Every home is different. Every homeowner is different. That is why we provide as many options for your new conservatory as possible. The size, shape and styling of a frame has an important effect on the finished look of a conservatory, but also can effect durability, thermal efficiencies and maintenance. You’ll be glad to hear that all 3 of our frame options tackle all of these factors.

UPVC Window Design for Conservatories - Energy Efficient


A conservatory with UPVC frames is the natural choice for many people for its low maintenance and thermal efficiencies. UPVC is often perceived as not being quite as aesthetically pleasing as other options, but with latest technologies, a wide range of colour options, and the range of woodgrain effects that can be applied, UPVC conservatories have never looked so good!

Stylish Aluminium Conservatory Design - Modern Look And Feel


Aluminium has incredible lasting robustness and sleek sightlines, which means  it is perfect for a substantial expanse of glass. Conservatories made from aluminium are gaining in popularity due to how modern it looks and feels. The slimmer profile frames, in comparison to UPVC, mean that more natural light enters the conservatory and there is more sky to look at!

Heritage Conservatory Window Frame - 19th Century Flush Timber Look


On the lookout for the highest quality conservatory frame? You need to check out our Heritage range, a contemporary take on 19th Century flush timber window frames. The Heritage frame is fantastic in terms of thermal insulation but it can be boosted further with the inclusion of 44mm triple glazed glass, saving you even more money on your energy bills in the long run. They’re incredibly durable too.  To the touch, they feel just like timber, and it’s needless to say that they look just like the real thing and much of the credit for that has to be put down to the woodgrain effect applied to the frame. As an added bonus, you won’t even have to look after them as they are completely maintenance-free and if requested we can even apply different finishes on the exterior and interior of the frame so that they perfect match up to your home in every way, shape and form. And don’t be fooled into thinking that these windows are purely designed for the period home. They will look just as good incorporated into a new-build.

Glass Roof or Polycarbonate Roof?

Choose from our Solar Controlled Glass Roofs or the latest Polycarbonate Roof for your conservatory.

The full range of custom-made conservatories from County use the most advanced roofing solutions available today as standard.

Beautiful Solar Glass Windows for Conservatories

Solar Glass

Our conservatories have access to a range of solar control glazing options, with our unique glass range providing the main option for solar control. Solar control properties work in two ways, first by reducing unwanted heat gain in the summer, and second by reducing unwanted heat loss in the winter. This works thanks to the treatment that the glass undergoes during manufacture. Firstly, the outside of the glass is treated to reflect unwanted summer rays and prevent them from entering your conservatory and causing it to overheat. Secondly, inside the glass has been treated to reduce the amount of heat radiation and therefore heat loss, by absorbing and reflecting the heat into the room as it tries to pass back through the glass.

Polycarbonate Roof for Edwardian Conservatory


A second option for your conservatory roof is the Polycarbonate roof. It helps to maintain a comfortable internal temperature using its integral solar protection that prevents up to 80% of the sun’s solar energy from entering the conservatory through the roof.

Our polycarbonate roofs will reduce glare by up to 86%, increasing comfort levels in your Edwardian Conservatory. In winter, most of the heat lost escapes through the roof; with our polycarbonate roof, a large proportion of rising heat is radiated back into the room, helping to maintain comfortable temperatures and reducing heating costs.

Conservatory Solid Roof Options

Solid Roof

A solid roof conservatory will limit the amount of natural light from entering the building, but this can be counteracted through roof windows and integrated down-lighters. The benefits of a solid roof come in the form of  year round warmth and a more comfortable living area, particularly during the winter periods. Further to warmth, solid roofs are arguably more aesthetically pleasing both internally and externally than other roof options. Solid roofs can be used as a replacement roof or as new builds on conservatories, orangeries, extensions or porches.

Colour Finishes…

With our authentic colour finishes, our fabulous range of colours will fully complement and truly enhance conservatories. County offer a great range of colour options for conservatories from whitegrain and classic cream, to green, grey, light oak and black. You would be amazed how adding a bit of colour helps your new conservatory to create the ultimate style statement.  Whilst brilliant white has the smooth finish of gloss painted wood, more and more people are choosing the coloured look. The coloured frames have a natural woodgrain texture that looks and feels like traditional stained timber. In fact, it is only by touch you can tell these are actually high security, virtually maintenance free UPVC.

Planning Permission & Building Regulations

Plan Your New Conservatory - County The Home Improvers, Sussex & Kent

Planning Permission

Adding an Edwardian Conservatory from County is far less disruptive than a typical home extension. In fact hundreds of letters from satisfied customers testify how stress-free the experience we offer is.

All necessary Planning Permission & Building Regulations for the installation of your contemporary or modern conservatory will be arranged for you with your local authority – however here is a summary of the basic facts.

Under the present legislation, if certain criteria are met you will not require planning permission in Kent & Sussex for a conservatory.

For further information on Planning Permission for a conservatory from County – freephone 0800 542 6103 or visit a County Showroom and receive helpful, straight forward advice in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere without any sales pressure.

Building Regulations

In order to remain exempt from building regulations, your conservatory must adhere to the following criteria:

  • At least half of the new wall and three quarters of the roof is either glazed or made from translucent material.
  • They are built at ground level and are 30 square metres or less in internal floor area.
  • The conservatory is thermally separated from the house by external grade door(s).
  • Glazing and any fixed electrical installations comply with the applicable building regulations requirements.
  • If a heating source is used, it must be independent from the main dwelling.

Things to consider for your perfect conservatory…

Highly Rated Conservatories in Kent & Sussex Area


This may already be clear in your mind, but does need significant consideration. and is one of the most important factors before anything else goes ahead. Conservatories facing in a northern and easterly direction will attract the greatest amount of sunlight early in the day and cool as the day progresses, whilst a conservatory facing south or west will be at its brightest and warmest late in the day.

Dining Table Set Up in Large Conservatory in Kent And Sussex


Have a think about the purpose of your conservatory as this will determine the size and shape. If the main objective is for an extra living area then a rectangular design is usually the best option. What furniture do you want to be including in the conservatory and where should the doors be to accommodate that required functionality? Where are you likely to need  Wi-Fi, plug sockets, spotlights etc. All these things should be considered before your project gets off the ground.

Conservatories Ceiling Fan - Conservatory Accessories from County Home Improvers


What extra additions are you going to need in your conservatory. This could include internal and external lighting, ceiling fans, heaters or other finishing touches. If you’d like to know all the available options, then please don’t hesitate to contact one of our expert advisors for some extra insight.


Lifetime Guarantee with Conservatories from County Home Improvers, Kent & Sussex


There’s no question that a contemporary conservatory should offer enduring reliability but sometimes small remedial adjustments need to be made after the installation process to secure its lifespan. The guarantee provided with the product should cover such work so that you don’t have to unnecessarily invest further cash. Cast a detailed eye over the guarantee before making any financial commitment.

Free Tailor Made Designs

For further information on the fabulous range of home improvement products available, simply request your free brochure online today!

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Our Conservatories Range

Glass Rooms

The best way of bringing nature into your home is by seeing it. Our Garden Rooms offer full length windows for optimum light.

Loggia Conservatories

With our modular system a Loggia conservatory is quick, efficient and affordable. Offering strength and durability.

Replacement Conservatories

Replace an ageing or leaking conservatory into a more robust looking extension with a replacement conservatory.

T-Shaped Conservatories

A T-Shaped conservatory has a very clear front entrance and can be designed with a traditional or contemporary feel.

Bespoke Conservatories

If you have particular needs when it comes to your conservatory then consider a bespoke conservatory for your home.

P-Shaped Conservatories

A P-Shaped conservatory gives you a little extra space to exit and enter the room as a whole, making it a true family room.

Gable Conservatories

Our Gable conservatory range comes in a variety of styles including traditional and contemporary.

Lean-To Conservatories

Versatile, adaptable and chic, Lean-To conservatories continue to be one of our most popular styles.

Victorian Conservatories

Victorian conservatories are typically 5 or 6 sided with a traditional feel and can be made bespoke to suit your home.

Edwardian Conservatories

Edwardian conservatories are versatile and suitable for most homes due to their simple rectangular shape.