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Stormproof Casement Timber Windows

Solid timber frames and energy-efficient glazing for outstanding longevity and performance – simply the best you can get

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Timber Windows Stormproof Casement windows. When only the real thing will do.

Timber Windows frames are made from solid wood; no options or exceptions. But they’re nothing like the wooden window frames you may have lived with in the past. Made from cross-grained, multi-layer engineered wood, they’re immune to the warping and twisting that can make windows stick, or let in draughts.

Instead of gloss paint, which can chip, peel and fade and needs regular replacing, your Timber Windows are supplied ready finished with a hi-tech micro-porous stain, which is totally maintenance-free, and allows the wood breathe naturally. Pus, of course, it highlights the timber’s natural grain, so looks fantastic.


Timber Windows Stormproof Lipped Casements

Timber Windows supplies stormproof lipped casements in conventional, contemporary and tilt-and-turn styles. All are made from layered engineered timber, which is cross-grained to prevent the warping and twisting that can cause draughts and sticking windows. They’re finished with a long-lasting, low-maintenance micro porous stain in a wide range of colours that looks just like paint, but allows the wood to breathe and lets the natural beauty of the grain shine through. All Timber Windows stormproof lipped casements are fitted with highly energy-efficient double glazing, ventilation grooves and high-security locks. You have a choice of glazing and interior ironmongery options to create the perfect look to suit your personal taste and property style.

Conventional Lipped Casement

Lipped or stormproof casement windows are the most widely used window design in England. Designed in the 1960s, they’re so called because the casement slightly overlaps the face of the frame when closed, offering additional protection against the elements.

Contemporary Lipped casement

The contemporary casement window is a traditional-style window with a fresh, modern appeal. More from Timber Windows’ warp and twist-resistant timber, they energy-efficient double glazing, multiple locks and ventilation grooves for precise climate control. A flush casement variation is also available.

Tilt and Turn Casement

Tilt/Turn windows have a versatile dual hinge system that allows the casement to open into the room from the side or top, making them easy to clean and an ideal choice for modern buildings and apartments. They’re available in a huge range of sizes, with all frames made from solid engineered wood.

With Timber Windows, you have a range of glazing options to suit your exact requirements. You can choose decorative lead work, bevels, stains and shapes, as well as stained glass, to make your new replacement windows truly your own; you can also have a door pane etched with your house name or number. And if you want people to admire your windows but not see into your home, you can select one of the many patterned and stippled glazing styles to provide privacy. Most Timber Windows are available with toughened or laminated glass for added safety and security.

Double glazing is a proven way to keep your heating bills under control, and help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home all year round. All Timber Windows styles are supplied with double glazing as standard, with the option to upgrade to Energy Rated Windows from C to A++ for even greater thermal efficiency.

Triple Glazing

Unlike contemporary styles, traditional windows don’t allow triple glazing, as making them wide enough to accommodate the third pane of glass would mean losing their authentic ultra-slim frames and beading. Instead, Timber Windows specifies double glazing with the highly possible thermal efficiency, as standard.

Glazing Designs

Because all Timber Windows Stormproof Casement windows are handmade, you’re not restricted to standard right-angled frames. You can specify frames in various styles, including arched, curved and circular profiles, to suit your home’s individual style – and a real plus for period properties.

Solid wood, and nothing else.

The clue’s in the name. Timber Windows makes all its window frames exclusively in solid wood, but you do have a choice of which type of wood you’d like. You can choose sustainable Meranti hardwoods, which have a deep timber grain, so everyone will know your windows are the real thing. Or, you can opt for slow-grown redwood, which has a smoother finish more like a modern PVCu.

If you’ve had wooden windows in the past, you’ll probably have experienced the frustration of windows that stick every time it rains. Not a problem with Timber Windows. Your stormproof lipped casement windows are made from modern engineered timber specifically designed to resist the irritating twisting and warping that affects traditional windows.

You may also have learned to dread the maintenance required to keep old-fashioned wooden windows looking their best. That, too, is a thing of the past when you fit Timber Windows stormproof lipped casement windows as replacements. No sanding or masking, no tedious repainting: just a once-over down now and again, and new coat of stain every eight years.

Engineered Timber

Timber Windows are made from multi-layer engineered timber, a material widely used in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, but much less common in Britain. The cross-grained structure, where the grain in one layer runs at right angles to the grain in those either side of it, prevents the timber from twisting, so your windows won’t stick in damp weather.

Protective Coating

Your Timber Windows stormproof lipped casement windows are factory-painted prior to assembly, providing complete protection from moisture absorption. Unlike gloss paint, the micro porous coating won’t peel or chip; the only maintenance required is an occasional wipe down. For maximum longevity, we recommend you re-stain your frames every eight years or so.


Like all Timber Windows products, stormproof lipped casements are fitted with high-security locks – in this case, they engage bolts in multiple points around the frame. They’re also equipped with special cams that ensure the windows close securely onto their draught-excluding gaskets. You can choose from a wide of superb quality handles and fittings, which now includes Samuel Heath window furniture.

Colour Finishes

All Timber Windows products are factory-painted prior to assembly, providing complete protection from moisture absorption to ensure long life. You can expect your windows’ finish to last five to eight years before they require re-treating – a simple process that takes about 30 minutes.

Natural Timber Finish

To bring out the natural beauty of the woodgrain, Timber Windows offers a range of natural stains from the golden sheen of redwood to the deeper hue of meranti hardwood. These micro porous stains are easy to maintain and re-apply when required.

Your Choice of Colour

The standard Timber Windows colour palette is wide-ranging and includes many popular traditional shades such as French Grey, Cream and Off White. You can also choose to have contrasting frames, finished in white on the inside and a different colour outside. We offer a close-matching service to colours from the Farrow & Ball and Fired Earth paint ranges, and any standard RAL colour.

Making our replacement windows the best choice for you

How your windows look is, of course, extremely important. But it’s also crucial that they work well, too; after all, they’re part of the fabric of your home, and you’re going to be living with them for (we hope) many years to come. So at County, all our replacement windows incorporate a number of standard and optional features designed to bring you the highest possible levels of comfort, convenience and security. Which means you get even more for your money, and real peace of mind, whichever replacement windows you choose to buy from us.

Energy Efficiency

All Timber Windows replacement windows and doors are fitted with enhanced thermally insulating double-glazed units. The cavity between the glass panes is filled with argon gas, and low-conductivity spacer bars minimise edge losses. As a result, they’re 80% more energy efficient than single glazing, and offer 45% greater energy savings than ordinary double-glazing.


Our windows have substance as well as style. Every replacement window in our range is designed and built for maximum strength and security using top-quality hinges, operating mechanisms, locks and other hardware, right down to the last nut and bolt.

Noise Reduction

If you live near a main road or railway, or under a flightpath, for example, replacement windows can make a huge difference to the noise levels in your home. Timber Windows products naturally offer high levels of sound insulation thanks to their design and construction, but you can also specify acoustic glass for added soundproofing.