UltraRoof: The Replacement Roofing System

Carefully crafted to blend in to your existing conservatory or home extension, UltraRoofs are the ultimate replacement roof product designed to change your conservatory for the better. With thermally efficient tiles that are able to incorporate glazed panels of large sizes, this roofing product brings higher levels of comfort and luxury to your living space, without compromising on that essential natural light.

If you do decide to opt for large glass panels in your new roof there’s no need to worry that this will in any way lessen the UltraRoof’s ability to improve the thermal efficiency of your conservatory. In fact, the glazed panels that we supply at County have a range of benefits to help in your endeavour to improve your conservatory.

These benefits include being solar reflective, self-cleaning and heat insulated, all of which make your conservatory an easier place to relax in. They also come in several different tinted shades, such as blue, aqua and bronze, to best suit your conservatory and personal style. Another benefit of UltraRoofs is that, due to it’s impressive lightness it will never require structural tie bars no matter the size or style of your conservatory.

For further information of the benefits UltraRoofs can bring you, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

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See what our happy customers have had done recently. Take a look at these solid roof projects.

Full Height Solid Roof Conservatory

The glass to floor feature of this large conservatory could also be though of as an extension or garden room. A red tile roof and along...

Solid Roof Replacement

A visually appealing solid roof replacement. The metrotile grey design blends into surroundings and is a welcome addition to any home....

Georgian Solid Roof Conservatory

This customer opted for a traditional Georgian conservatory with a solid roof. A grey UPVC finish helps to highlight the classic leaded glass windows and french...

Bespoke Solid Roof Orangery

A bespoke contemporary solid grey roof orangery complete with Bi-Fold doors. The doors allow natural light to enter the room giving it a homely feel inside....

Victorian Solid roof Conservatory

This green Victorian solid roof conservatory allows the customer to relax in their orangery regardless of weather. The green UPVC and French doors offers an elegant...

Solid Roof Edwardian Orangery

The Solid Roof Edwardian Orangery recreates the ambiance of your home into your external space. The UPVC system is the ideal low maintenance solution to your...

Solid Roof Replacement

Selecting red Tapco slate tiles along with the solid roof design, really made this extension look like a part of the original property, with the 2...

Gable Conservatory

Modern and aesthetically pleasing, solid roof gable conservatories have proved increasingly popular with homeowners as their glazed gable end means large amounts of natural light can easily enter the home, whilst the solid roof ensures protection from the elements and sufficient insulation all year round. A gable conservatory with an UltraRoof is even more capable of protecting homeowners from the weather outside, and is one of the most thermally effective products on the market. The straightforward 2-facet design of a gable conservatory is also the perfect way to display the great aesthetic qualities of UltraRoofs, with both sides of the roof perfectly angled to display the coloured and authentic looking tiles. These tiles are available in grey, brown or red and can be complimented with perfectly tinted glazed sections fitted into the roof or in the gable-end itself.

Lean-To Conservatory

A lean-to conservatory is the perfect installation for displaying the great qualities of UltraRoofs, including their great, long lasting colour and traditional tile looking properties. The 1-facet roof layout means that, from the outside, you have an uninterrupted view of the coloured slates, which comes in shades of red, brown and grey. It also means that you can view any large glazed sections that you choose to install. Installing rectangular glazing panels in your new UltraRoof means you’ll have a fantastic framed view of the sky outside from the comfort of your own home, surrounded by a plastered interior that will be installed along with your brand new replacement roof. The glazed sections that you choose to install come in several different tints for you to choose from and also have a host of benefits, including heat retention, solar reflection and thermal insulation.

Edwardian Conservatory

Many homes that were built in the recent past, such as in the 90’s and early 2000’s, were built in the Edwardian style, which, though attractive, can quickly begin to look quite dated when paired with the  conservatory roof of translucent polycarbonate sheets. If you choose to replace your Edwardian conservatory roof then doing so with UltraRoof means you can use the existing windows, doors, brickwork and base which can save you a lot of expense. An UltraRoof system can revitalise your entire conservatory, bringing it up to date so that it matches the rest of your property. To install an UltraRoof the system requires that you have one entirely solid wall, though all other walls can have glass panels, as Edwardian conservatories typically have. This means that your conservatory will be filled with natural light, as well as being the optimum temperature year round.

Victorian Conservatory

Victorian conservatories have a softer and more rounded appearance than some other conservatories, which is all thanks to their 3 or 5-bay fronts. With such a multi-faceted design, many owners of Victorian conservatories may think that an UltraRoof isn’t able to cater for them, however UltraRoof is easily adaptable and perfect for this conservatory style. The separate bays on the roof are joined together by using ridge caps. These can be in a traditional style to blend in with your roof tiles, or aluminium, to present a modern and polished finish. You also have the option of adding large rectangular panels of glazing into your new roof which will help bring in large amounts of natural light. Of course, if you would prefer, you can choose to simply keep your UltraRoof as it is, creating a cosy conservatory atmosphere for you to relax in whenever you choose.

UltraRoof keeps conservatory temperatures at comfortable levels, rain or shine.

It’s important that your home is at a comfortable temperature all year round, no matter how awful the weather may be outside. However making sure that this is the case can sometimes prove difficult, which is why many homeowners choose to invest in a solid roof for their conservatory, as a sure way of having protection from the elements and the ability to keep heat inside. Older conservatories tend to have been fitted with a polycarbonate roof, which will often mean that your conservatory is too hot to be comfortable in the summer, and nearly unusable in the winter. The solution to these problems is to invest in a solid roof like UltraRoof.

The UltraRoof roofing product is capable of achieving a u-value (heat loss value) of only 0.12 W/m²K, which successfully makes it one of the most thermally efficient roofing systems now on the market, whilst also remaining amazingly lightweight. It is this lightness that means this roofing product doesn’t need structural tie bars to support it, and that also mean its installation is impressively fast.

The replacement roofing product unlike no other available.

UltraRoof is an advanced replacement roofing product like no other available on the market today, and has been carefully designed to be the most premium product of its type. Not only is it lightweight and thermally efficient like no other roofing product, but its tiles retain their colour for years and resist typical weathering symptoms that other roof tiles fall prey to. When using UltraRoof as a replacement roof we typically remove your old conservatory roof before checking the structural integrity of your existing windows and doors. At this stage in the project many homeowners choose to replace these fittings also, to make sure their conservatory is secure and weatherproof for many years to come. If you don’t yet have a conservatory but would like to install one with its own UltraRoof, then please contact our friendly team, who will endeavour to help you.

Replacement Roof

If you’re the fortunate owner of a conservatory already, then you can minimise any renovation costs by focusing on replacing only the roof, which can instantly transform the look of your conservatory. For this purpose, an UltraRoof is the ideal product, as it is adaptable to any conservatory size and style, and helps to instantly modernise older home extensions. Your existing windows and doors will usually be suitable, but our team will perform the necessary checks to make sure they’re functioning well, and that they will continue to do so. Once your old roof has been removed we will then e able to create a watertight covering within only 2-3 hours, meaning there is as little disruption as possible to you and your family. The roof itself can then be completed in just one day, making your conservatory a welcome environment.

Frames & Roof

Many homeowners choose to use their UltraRoof build project as the prime opportunity for installing new windows and doors in their conservatory. This is because the quality and effectiveness of these fittings has improved in many areas in the last 5-10 years, meaning older conservatories could be falling behind in their effectiveness. Upgrading these fittings means your new windows and doors will be more secure, more thermally efficient and likely more attractive, meaning your entire conservatory will be transformed. These new fittings can easily be installed onto the existing conservatory base, removing foundation and brickwork cost, and keeping your renovation price low.

New Build

Though UltraRoofs are quite often installed onto existing conservatories, in order to replace old and ineffective conservatory and extension roofs, they are also just as suitable for use on new builds, either during the build or after the project. Fitting an UltraRoof to your new home extension or conservatory is likely to be the most straightforward and quickest stage of the project as a whole, and will ensure your new build is inviting and warm from the moment it’s finished. Each and every UltraRoof is pre-assembled in the factory, meaning there’s little on-site wastage and the installation process is fast. This means there is little disruption to your family home and internal plastering and decorating can begin as soon as it suits you.

A range of roof slate colours to suit your property…

The UltraRoof roofing system uses slates to recreate an authentic look, though these slates are composed of polymer, and designed in a way to mimic their less effective predecessors, with natural looking peaks and marks. This polymer roofing product can be installed 12 slates at a time, meaning installation is swift and stress-free, bringing you a new roof in a matter of days. With these tiles there are three colours for you to match with the other roofs in your home, including terra brick, harvest brown and carbon grey. At each facet of your conservatory these are then joined together by the use of ridge caps, in either a traditional or aluminium style.

When choosing the slate colour that’s right for you it makes sense to choose a shade that most closely matches that of the main roof on your property. If you’ve chosen to install glazed sections in your roof then choosing roof tiles that match the window tints, in shades such as bronze, aqua and blue, is another good option.

Building regulation worries are a thing of the past with us…

UltraRoof is the ideal product for your replacement roof project, and as an LABC (Local Authority Building Control) and LABSS (Local Authority Building Standards Scotland) product, it is a highly approved system, meaning gaining Building Regulations approval is straightforward. If your project does require Building Regulations approval our expert team of design consultants will be able to guide you through the entire process, and in some instances will assume responsibility for this step on your behalf. As UltraRoof is so widely approved of and recommended throughout the country, it means that local authorities can quickly recognise it as part of a safe project and thus plans involving it are quickly fast-tracked toward acceptance. Though the idea of Building Regulations can sound a little unnerving, with UltraRoof and County Home Improvers there’s no need to worry. We will do the majority of the legislative work on your behalf so that your conservatory project can be headache free, with no problems arising in the future.

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