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Quality UPVC Porches

High quality, convienient Upvc porches installed & guaranteed by Kent & Sussex's leading home improvement specialist.

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The Entrance your Home Deserves

Porches are a simple but very effective addition to a home. Not only do they improve the outside appearance of your property and raise its value, but they also provide a surprisingly useful room inside. Serving as an effective, extra barrier between your home and the outside, modern porches are incredibly insulated; allowing them to be just as warm as the rest of your house. Whether you are looking for modern UPVC porches or traditional-looking brick porches, we have enough porch designs to make any ideas you have a reality.


Traditional Styling & Modern Materials

Offering unrivalled strength and resilience, UPVC porches are renowned for their durability; making them ideal for the challenging British weather. Never rotting, rusting, fading or needing repainting, cheap UPVC porches are remarkably low maintenance; often requiring nothing more than a quick wipe with a cloth to look brand new again. Featuring toughened frames that provide exceptional security, UPVC porches are perhaps best known for their incredible energy efficiency and noise reduction. Surpassing the insulation properties of both wood and aluminium, UPVC porches do not conduct heat, thereby helping to keep both heat in and cold out.


At County we do everything we possibly can to ensure a seamless fit into your home, so much so, that visitors to property will be astounded to know that your Porch wasn’t a part of the original build. It will also act as a further secure barrier for your home to limit the chances of intruders gaining unauthorised access to it. All the materials, locking systems and installation use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that security of your home is never a concern


You can totally transform the entrance into your home with a brand new Porch. Not only that but it will also provide you with a separate area where you can keep coats, umbrellas, hats etc. close to the front door for whenever you venture out. It may only be small, but it is an extra room in your home which can be invaluable….as well as adding value.

Cost Effective

Porches from County are individually designed and made-to-measure, creating the perfect stylish entrance for your home, but they are definitely the most cost effective of home improvements. Costs are low and additional value to your homes are good, so they can be a worthy investment. Come and get a quote and see.

Tiles which are tough, cost effective and look great…

We offer two types of Warm Roof covering, lightweight tile and lightweight slate. Our lightweight tiles come in five varied colours, whilst our lightweight slate looks virtually identical to natural slate such is the amount of time and effort put into its production. Both are completely weather-proof and maintenance-free.

Lightweight Tile

Our lightweight tile is all that is needed to secure warmth in conservatories, orangeries, porches or other forms of home extension. It takes very little time to install and as far as maintenance is concerned, there’s none required. When it comes to choosing a suitable coloured lightweight tile, you can choose between umber, green, charcoal, red and ebony.

Lightweight Slate

Natural slate obviously looks incredible on a roof, but over time, it cracks and will cause significant maintenance issues which are a hassle and expensive. Our lightweight slate is designed to endure and suffers with no such problems, even years down the line. It also looks exactly like the real thing such is the amount of detail put into it, with curves and peaks present throughout the material. An impressive 20 colours are available including plum, brick red, stone black and pewter grey.

Tiled roof colours to complement…

Our lightweight tiles will work in perfect symmetry with any existing roof tiles when you select either of the five colour options we have available. Don’t be put off by the word ‘lightweight’ though as it offers a similar level of durability to that of a stone-coated steel.

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Why Choose us?


As one of the oldest and most-respected designers and installers of home improvements in Kent and Sussex, we are proud to offer a complete service. By providing a complete service, we will ensure your new porch is fitted quickly and with minimal disruption to you.

Offering a fantastic range of UPVC porches for sale, we also understand the importance of how much UPVC porches cost. This is why we do everything we can to offer the lowest UPVC prices in Kent and Sussex while never compromising on design or materials.