Top tips to keep your home looking sensational in summer

Jun 3, 2019

You can get away with an unappealing home in winter because there are fewer hours of daylight, but certainly not during the summer months.You need your home looking at its absolute best as the longer days will put it firmly in the spotlight and leave it far more exposed than it would be at any other time of the year.

To impress people that come to visit, or pass by, make a concerted effort over the coming days to get it in great shape for when summer comes around. Use these top tips to make it a straightforward job…

Clean your windows and front door

People’s first impressions of your home could ride on the condition of your windows and front door as they’re always such prominent features. UPVC and aluminium windows and doors are extremely easy to maintain. All you need is a wet cloth to wipe the frames free of dirt, and hot soapy water and a squeegee to clean the glass without leaving any streaks. If you have a traditional wooden door and timber windows, treat them to a fresh lick of paint.

Get your gardening gear on

They say you should love your garden, and they’re not wrong! Start by clearing your front and / or back lawn of any rubbish that it has collected and remove any ugly weeds by the root. Then mow the grass (don’t forget to strim too) and keep on top of things, giving it a cut every couple of weeks or so.

Head to your local garden centre for some container plants, bedding plants etc. to add some colour, along with a hanging basket you can display next to your door.

Power wash your driveway

If you have a decent-sized driveway it will be a very visible part of the property, and you won’t always be parked on it. Any dirt and grime that has formed on the driveway can be removed easily and quickly by using a pressure washer. It will have it looking back at its best in absolutely no time. You can always hire one if you prefer.

Do all of this and you can expect your home to be lavished with nothing but praise. If more drastic measures are required to improve its kerb appeal such as fitting new windows and doors,contact County – The Home Improvers for quality home improvement solutions and expert assistance.