Whatever your dream home – we can help you get there

Mar 29, 2019

For many of us, our home is an extension of who we are. We decorate our homes to reflect our character; from the use of colors and styles of furniture to the assortment of memories and mementos we display. Of course, most of us do not stop there – looking at other, larger ways that we can change a house into the ‘home of our dreams’. County the Home Improvers have been helping homeowners in and around Kent and Sussex realise such dreams for decades. Whether you are looking for a secure, solid-roof extension to provide some much-needed additional space, or an ultra-modern conservatory with sliding bay doors that create a fantastic entertainment area, we are on hand to help.

Many people are naturally cautious of such improvements due to factors such as price, convenience and simply the mess such work entails. However, whilst such concerns were genuine in the past, home improvements have come a long way in recent years. Improvements in materials, as well as production and installation techniques, means that extensions and conservatories can now be installed quickly and with a minimum of inconvenience to you. What’s more, we will also take care of any paperwork and approvals – meaning you can just sit back and relax, waiting for your dream home to take shape.

Understanding that everyone is unique, we offer an incredible range of products, designs, styles and colors. You can therefore rest assured knowing that you will be able to get the exact look you want. Furthermore, with all of our products made of the very best, most secure and durable materials, your great new look home will continue to look new and keep you safe for many, many years to come. From external improvements, such as solid-roof extensions, to the internal ones, such as smart-mood lighting and in-built sound systems, we have the experience and expertise to help you get exactly what you want.

To help you achieve this, we offer exclusive Virtual Reality and 3D designs that allow you to see and ‘walk through’ your design first – enabling you to see exactly what you are getting and giving you the opportunity to make any changes before any work has even begun. Understanding the importance of cost, we also offer homeowners a variety of flexible finance plans that allow you to more easily spread the cost over a time that better suits you. To learn more, simply give us a call or pay us a visit – we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and give you a better idea as to just what is achievable.